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    1977 was the year, the Queens Silver Jubilee year (is she still alive?), this was the birth of what was then " The Amazing Spacefrogs", their first gig at The Wellington (Middlesbrough) was eventful, homegrown first generation punk in a starved world…. the Spacefrogs were seminal in the North East punk movement.The infamous Middlesbrough Rock Garden (now the Arena) was their "support stomping ground", the upstaging of established acts started with none other than The Cure, and with fantastic local support frightened off major acts including the Angelic Upstarts, The Rezillos , and The Fall.

    1979 sees the release of the "Dirty Habit" EP featuring the songs "Norman and Jeremy", "Nuns of Destruction" and the legendary "Necrophilia" The EP ended up being banned by the BBC after appearing on John Peels show (God knows why!). Five Hundred copies in 3 weeks - not bad for a first release, now a sought after EP among collectors worth in excess of £250 for a good copy.

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