• Swears - Lame Wizard

    Swears second single “Lame Wizzard” is out March 2nd. It tells the story of an individual living in isolation, alienated and ostracised from society, slipping into a state of psychosis. Their delusions of grandeur and need for acknowledgment gradually lead to a false belief in supernatural abilities and a desire to commit acts of violence and atrocity (and/or to move objects with his mind) as they become the LAME WIZZARD.

    Dead Moon Lizard Kings

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  • Deaf Forever

    January 28, 2018
    Deaf Forever

    Deaf Forever are an Alternative Noise band from the North East of England. They combine a variety of styles of music that make there own unique individual sound. After recording their debut EP "so you say" Deaf Forever are out showcasing there own style of music and are booked in back in the studio to record there second EP. https://www.facebook.com/deafforevermusic/ [...]

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