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    August 28, 2020

    Great interview with guitar man Bri. Hit the link below to be whisked away to the interview.LINK TO INTERVIEW

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    Johnny Seven - Review RPM On Line

    I like it when a band takes its time to get the album they want but we all giggled when Axl took however long to knock out a guns n Roses album well Johnny Seven don’t like to rush a record release either but these punk rockers took forty years! Yup, I did say Forty Four Zero.  Don’t giggle at the back it’s true. Anyway its here now the format might be different to what was [...]

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    See Ya Later Alligator - The Antiseptics

    From the crumbling town of Middlesbrough - the unemployment capital of the UK. The Antiseptics vent their frustrations through passionate and political punk. With inspiration from all forms of the genre, they have been honoured with a comparison to The Clash although the diversity of their style doesn't limit its self-there. It is common to find them jumping into the audience and generally causing[...]

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