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  • Johnny Seven - Review RPM On Line

    I like it when a band takes its time to get the album they want but we all giggled when Axl took however long to knock out a guns n Roses album well Johnny Seven don’t like to rush a record release either but these punk rockers took forty years! Yup, I did say Forty Four Zero.  Don’t giggle at the back it’s true. Anyway its here now the format might be different to what was [...]

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    See Ya Later Alligator - The Antiseptics

    From the crumbling town of Middlesbrough - the unemployment capital of the UK. The Antiseptics vent their frustrations through passionate and political punk. With inspiration from all forms of the genre, they have been honoured with a comparison to The Clash although the diversity of their style doesn't limit its self-there. It is common to find them jumping into the audience and generally causing[...]

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    Johnny Seven - Johnny Seven

    JOHNNY SEVEN are a raw, loud punk rock n’ roll band with members gathered from Teesside and London. After years of gigging and blowing the roofs off venues all around the country, JOHNNY SEVEN have finally calmed down long enough to record a long awaited album of scorching, rock n’ roll with a hard punk edge.

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