• Dont Tell Me Mam

  • Don't Tell Me Mam

    The first long play outing from the legendary UK punk bandWhere do you start… after Bugsy tormented Hoggart and Paul T while they were performing with Rock n Rollers Riot Act, Bugsy started to drop big hints that Riot Act could back him as a revitalised The Amazing Spacefrogs. The sad news of local Punk pathfinder Dave Johns serious illness and the chance for the frogs to play at a benefit gig for Dave was too much of a temptation for Bugsy he pestered some more and the lads agreed, There is some great footage of this performance on youtube. Well once the gigs were complete Bugsy had far too much of a good thing and some great comments on the performance and Hoggart agreed to help Bugsy get the band rolling again. The hunt was on and after some early changes in personnel, the band ended up with the following line up Bugsy – Vocals, Dave Gregory– Bass - Paul Tattersall – Guitar Steve Hoggart – Guitar - Craig Lester – Kit.

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    Released Digitally 22/08/2009

    Original Release sometime in 2007