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    Please find all the bands both past and present that have recordings available on the Nil by Mouth Label.

  • Johnny Seven by Johnny Seven

    JOHNNY SEVEN are a raw, loud punk rock n’ roll band with members gathered from Teesside and London. After years of gigging and blowing the roofs off venues all around the country, JOHNNY SEVEN have finally calmed down long enough to record a long-awaited album of scorching, rock n’ roll with a hard-punk edge.

    Their debut offering eponymously titled “Johnny Seven” the album features 10 tracks of white hot, razor sharp rockers. It’s a non-stop aural assault of an album, where huge tunes are fired at you like a machine gun, this is guaranteed to thrill their loyal disciples and gain new converts to the ever-growing cult of JOHNNY SEVEN. 

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    Release Date; 24th July 2018