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    Please find all the bands both past and present that have recordings available on the Nil by Mouth Label.

  • Dead Moon Lizard Kings are expanding at the rate of the known universe. With roots dug deeply into classic, dirty rock and blues vibes, the quartet are perpetually delving into new and unique territories, from cosmic, psychedelic mid-set jam sessions to crushing doom-laden riffs and harsh-noise inspired cycles of warped, droning feedback.

    The group lead audiences through a rollercoaster of dynamically rich soundscapes while vocalist, Metal Dan fronts the scene with tortured shrieks and hooks specifically tailored to shift a crowd’s feet.


    Their ‘shows’ being more an exercise in pure sonic chaos, listeners are pulled from the angelic to the downright nihilistic recesses of their psyche into a form of catharsis parallel to meditating on a colliding planet.  If you’re into that sort of thing...